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Current Weather and Surf (Reported by lifeguards) [7/17/14 3:21 PM]
Clear Hermosa Headquarters reports clear skies with with 10 miles or more visibility. Wind speed is 10 knots from the West. Surf is fair and 1 to 3 feet from the Southwest with a period of 20 seconds. Sea surface is choppy. Air temperature is 73 degrees Fahrenheit and water temperature is 71 degrees Fahrenheit.
Water Wind Surf Air
Temp Surface Direction Speed Height Period Direction Quality Temp Visibility
71°F Choppy West 9 kts 1 ft 20 s Southwest Fair 73°F 10 miles
Location Hermosa, Frequency approximately every four hours 8 AM to 5 PM

Meteorological Station [2/29/08 3:53 PM]
Air Wind Sun
Temp Humidity Speed Direction UV Index Solar Radiation
58°F 39% 0 kts 270.000004° true 1 490 Watts/m²
Location Hyperion Davis, Frequency every 10 minutes

Water Thermometer [5/18/05 2:19 AM]
Water Temp
Location Marina del Rey WT, Frequency every 10 minutes

NOAA Buoy Conditions [5/24/06 10:00 AM]
Water Wind Surf
Temp Direction Speed Height Period
64.8°F NW (320° true) 3.9 kts 4.3 ft 17 s
Location Santa Monica Bay Buoy, Frequency Hourly

Scripps Swell Model
Swell Height Swell Period
3.1 ft 12.5 s
Frequency Hourly

Scripps Swell Forecast
1-Day 2-Day 3-Day
1.5 ft 0.9 ft 8.4 ft
Frequency Every 4 Hours

Forecast [ ]
Location Latitude 33.891598°N, Longitude 118.415817261°W Frequency Hourly


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